Installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 on VirtualBox

First of all, I’m running VirtualBox 4.0.4 on Ubuntu Linux 10.04 on Core2 Duo laptop. If you’re running an AMD machine, the installation here may not work for you because the SL distro is marked as for Intel only.

For the steps, please refer to “Install OS X Snow Leopard in VirtualBox..” guide. I will only show the difference from that guide here.

Step 1. You will also need “Snow Leopard 10.6.6 SSE2/SSE3 Intel Only by Hazard” DVD ISO. Don’t ask me where to get it from!

Step 3. Set Operating System Version to “Mac OS X Server (64 bit)

Step 4. I give my VM 1024 MB only.

Step 5. I set my hard disk maximum size to 40 GB (20 GB would be too small for iPhone development)

Step 6. Additional steps:

  • System -> Processor:  I assign two virtual processors.

Step 7.  Storage:

  • add SATA controller and move the virtual hard disk from the IDE controller to the SATA controller
  • check the “use host I/O cache” tickbox for the SATA controller.
  • mount “SL_10.6.6i_by_Hazard.iso” to the IDE CDROM drive.

Step 10. Different customization than the guide:

  • Check the latest Chameleon bootloader
  • Check Legacy Kernel
  • There is no upgrade nor EFF bootloader






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10 responses to “Installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 on VirtualBox

  1. Anish

    Thanks for the tutorial! 🙂 Currently Downloading the ISO File.

  2. Jason

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up.

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  4. I’m stuck at restart after installation, showing boot screen: System up time in nanaseconds: 1105200022

    • Virtualtek

      I’m stuck after the restart, after I take of the 10.6.6 installation CD and boot from my HDD, it shows a chameleon, and under it is a loading circle, it has been there for 15 hours, I am using 10.6.6i by hazard and using Legacyboot ( EmpireEFI). HELP!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for your sharing! It works for me …

  6. Robin

    I’m having a problem here.
    Doing all the same things but the EFI Shell scrolls in the screen and all I see is. using SL_10.6.6i_by_Hazard.iso I have a del vostro 230 so Intel with all the specs

    blkx : BlockDevice – Alias (null)
    etc .etc.
    and the last line say’s

    Press ESC in 1 second to skip startup.nsh ,any key to continue

    What is the problem here. Please help

  7. Gaurav

    MAC OS X is not supported with software virtualization To Run Mac OS X you need a host on wich VMware Workstation supports hardware virtualization . What to do with after this message .
    am using win 7 x64 OS and amd phenom Cord core processor and M4A78-EM/1394 MB with 4 gib ram. please assist me coz am new in all this.

  8. Vorbis

    Hi, thanks for the great tutorial – my virtual Snow Leopard is up and running.

    You mentioned iPhone development – can you tell me where to get a version of XCode that is compatible with 10.6.6? They should be free, right?

    From what I’ve read, the latest that’s working is 4.0.1, but now Apple has moved to 4.3.2 and removed all the links to download the previous versions…

  9. Nacho Bizness

    Don’t forget to uncheck ‘Enable EFI (special OSes only) on the system settings. You’ll have a nonsensical shell terminal otherwise

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